Month: April 2015

The Ultimate 30 Day High Fiber Diet Plan

Hey guys and gals! If you came here looking for the perfect diet to help you lose weight and live a healthier life you have come to the right place! For┬ámost people there really is no perfect diet. The perfect diet exists only for people who don’t enjoy sugary sweets or delicious Italian food. There are probably even those people out there that eat a diet that is at about 99% optimal for their own needs. The high fiber diet plan is not for those people, it is for the regular John Doe’s and Jane Doe’s of the world....

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Spring Into Fiber

Are you looking for some awesome ways to leave the winter blues behind this spring? For a lot of us, (Especially those on the east coast) this winter has surely seemed to last for way too long! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some time at the beach, a ride with the top down on the jeep, and a good ol’ summer BBQ! A BBQ with some burgers, potato salad, and delicious french fries! You surely wouldn’t find these foods on anyone’s healthy list, but for most of us, they are staples in our summer...

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Squashing the Stigma on High Fiber Vegetables

Hello Fiber Guardian followers! Today I want to talk about vegetables and why you should be eating them. A lot of you might be saying- “Yuck! I’d Rather eat grass!” – A lot of people When I was younger, even while I was still in college, I was right there with you! I didn’t even consider adding green beans, broccoli, or even carrots to my meal as a side. My salad consisted of lettuce, cheese, and a ton of dressing. Definitely not the most nutritious as I was probably doing more harm than good! This point is summed up...

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Happy Gut, Happy Schmuck- The Relationship Between Gut Health and Mental Health

Have you ever heard the statement that the state of our gut affects the state of our mind? I had never heard of this until a friend told me very recently! Apparently the better we take care of our internal gut health, the happier we will be. It makes sense to me now that our gut health is key to determining our overall well being, but I was skeptical at first. Does what’s going on in the microfauna of our intestines (I picture bacteria in military outfits saluting the walls of our innards) really have a bearing on our...

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How To Survive A Lousy Dietary Decision

Let’s be honest for a second here. No one is “good” all the time. We all make lousy dietary decisions and we all mess up every once in awhile. If that doesn’t sound like you then congratulations! You are above and beyond a normal person! For everyone else that is like me, we cannot resist having that delicious brownie or, dare I say, soda every once in awhile. When people get hangovers they need to know how to survive the next day. I am sure there are even entire websites dedicated solely to how to survive and be a...

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