Month: July 2015

Fiber Focus Friday: The Beaming Banana

Featured today on Fiber Focus Friday is the amazingly balanced and beaming banana. There is no other fruit quite like it. It’s cheap, versatile, and tastes amazing. As always, please comment with any questions or suggestions for future foods to be featured on Fiber Focus Friday! I want this post series to continue and to be AWESOME for generations to come (okay maybe not that long, but I am showing no times of stopping any time soon!). Without further ado, let us discuss the beautifully magnificent banana! The Banana Quick Fact Card Types of Bananas There are actually over 1000 different types of bananas that you can get! Here are a few of the more common ones: The Cavendish- this is the brand that you are probably most familiar with as it is the one that is found in most grocery stores across the US. Baby- These can be found in some stores, and as the name entails they are the smaller variety of bananas. I guess you could even call them the “snack size” of bananas, although I prefer a whole regular size banana myself! Manzano- this banana belongs to the subcategory of apple bananas. Firmer than regular bananas, and a tart taste true to its subcategory, give a manzano a try! They can be found mostly in Asian supermarkets, but I am sure you could order a case...

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25 Reasons to Sneaker-Up and Go for a Walk

I’d Like to start this post off with a quote from the one and only Ellen DeGeneres: “My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the heck she is.” ― Ellen DeGeneres Despite the fact that Ellen’s grandmother has been lost to us (Don’t worry I am sure someone will find her eventually!), walking is extremely important for your physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. This post will give you 25 reasons that walking is a great idea. These ideas range from physical to mental health benefits as...

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Fiber Focus Friday: Fiber For Kids

Hello again everyone! Thanks for stopping by! We are changing things up a little bit this week and focusing on the children, instead of looking at a specific food! Without further ado let’s jump right in!a Dietary Fiber for Kids As I’m sure you’ve heard before, having fiber in your diet is a necessity. But the main concern with not getting enough fiber seems to be focused mainly on adults. But what about the kids? What a lot of people are unaware of is that kids need fiber too! So What is Fiber? For those of you who haven’t...

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Fiber Focus Friday: Broccoli, the BOLD choice

  Featured today on Fiber Focus Friday is the vegetable that turns the noses of children, is considered by some to have the taste equivalence of several blades of grass, and somehow finds its way into most Chinese food trays, Let me introduce the fabulous broccoli stalk! Broccoli is an amazing food with more health benefits that a can of ACME super juice. Wondering what that is? Don’t think too hard, because I made it up! Sorry! Anyways, in this post you will learn all about broccoli. From its fiber content, to how to grow it, as well as...

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Fiber Focus Friday: Scintillating StarFruit

  Featured today on Fiber Focus Friday is a fruit unique in its shape and taste. It is a fruit so awesome that it makes the sun jealous and the moon nervous. Little children might cry at the sight (from fear or happiness), and adults underestimate its true potential as they take their first savory bite. This food that has so captured your attention is the mighty starfruit! The Starfruit is lucky enough to be featured on Fiber Focus Friday, and now stands beside Apples, Almonds, Sweet Potatoes, Blueberries, and Oatmeal as some of the most awesome high fiber...

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