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Fiber Focused Friday: Recap!

This Friday we’re going to be doing something a little different, we’re going to do an overview of all of the amazing fiber-packed foods we’ve talked about for the past few months.

If this doesn’t get you excited about high fiber foods, nothing will! If you do find this interesting, you’ll love the newest writing from the Fiber Guardian, an E-book that you can receive by simply signing up for our mailing list!

Here’s a list of the 11 fiber foods we’ve covered:

  1. The Amazing Apple
  2. The Astonishing Almond
  3. Sweet Potatoes – Nature’s Succulent Spuds
  4. Breathtaking Blueberries
  5. Outstanding Oatmeal
  6. Scintillating Starfruit
  7. Broccoli the Bold Choice
  8. The Beaming Banana
  9. Popcorn, it’s good for you?!
  10. Fantastic Flax
  11. The Beany Bean

Check out some quick facts about these fiber packed foods below! (more…)

Fiber Focus Friday: The Beany Bean

Beans are super healthy for you!Featured this week on Fiber Focus Friday is a food well deserving of the title of ULTIMATE HIGH FIBER FOOD. Beans (in the legume family) are one of the best foods you can possibility eat.

Beans are extremely high in fiber and protein, and eating them brings a great many health benefits.

However, it is indeed true that while beans are indeed a great food to eat the old diddy still holds truth.

“Beans, Beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!”

I first remember my Grandma singing that to me, but we can only guess at the saying’s first origins. Regardless, beans can indeed make you gassy, but that is why water consumption is key when starting to eat these types of foods!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy learning about this magically musical food!


Fiber Focus Friday: Fantastic Flax


FANTASTIC FLAXFeatured this week on Fiber Focus Friday is a food not well known by most. Flax is indeed a seed that is versatile, amazingly healthy, and tasty!

Thanks for tuning into this week’s food rundown. I appreciate the fact that you are reading this, and I hope to be able to provide you with some excellent information on flax seed.

As always, please free to comment below with foods you would like to see featured next time!


Fiber Focus Friday: Popcorn is Good For Me!?

Featured this week on Fiber Focus Friday is a food most people associate with movie going. Putting on a quick flick, grabbing a bowl of popcorn, eating some candy, and slurping on a soda, sounds like an awesome way to spend an evening doesn’t it?

However, I never would have said any of these foods could actually be healthy for you! Indeed, popcorn is actually decently high in fiber and protein while remaining low in calories.

KEEP IN MIND that popcorn that is loaded with butter is not something that the Fiber Guardian suggests, as this adds unnecessary fat and other junk to the mix.

As always, please comment with any questions or suggestions for future foods to be featured on Fiber Focus Friday! I truly desire for this post series to continue for quite a long time!

It my hope that by the end of this post you will have a better understanding of popcorn and will want to go out and by some for yourself to eat right NOW!

Without further ado, let us discuss popcorn in all its glory.