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The Problem with Patience (and What to do About it)

*A note for you avid readers of Fiber Guardian- Fiber Focus Friday will no longer be posted every Friday. Instead, I will add to it when appropriate, but I needed to take a break from regular posting for awhile due to my impending move and job switch. Thanks so much for reading!!

the problem with patience


Patience is a fickle beast. I struggle with it constantly, especially now that I find myself to be much more of a man of action than I used to be. I want to always be doing something to reach that next goal. I want to take action now so I can see my results right away. I want to take advantage of the moment and give it my all, but sometimes waiting is the more appropriate course.  (more…)

Fiber Focus Friday: The Un-Rhymable Orange

orangesIt is indeed true that nothing rhymes with the word orange! Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

That pointless, (albeit fun) exercise aside, the orange It is an extra special fruit, and now it is on display for all to see here at Fiber Focus Friday!

The orange is a citrus fruit that tastes of sunshiny days and leaves delicious tones of tanginess all through your taste buds. You can eat it with breakfast, or as a snack during the day! Any way you slice it, an orange is a good friend to keep around.

Let’s learn more about it shall we?

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The Health Benefits of Eating Oranges

Oranges are the perfect addition to any high fiber diet. They also really pack a punch with many other health benefits. Orange health benefits include:

  1. Immune system boosting powers. Oranges are super high in Vitamin C at 54 mg per 1 fruit. Vitamin C consumption can be a controversial topic, but the Fiber Guardian approves of getting as much as you can to keep the disease fighting parts of your body strong. It is a powerful antioxidant, and it can help you to avoid getting sick, and even help to ease cold symptoms.
  2. Oranges are also rich in many other antioxidants that help to prevent some diseases. Antioxidants are especially helpful when you are eating different fruits and vegetables and getting a variety of these disease fighting superpowers.
  3. It is a high fiber food, and as we know, high fiber foods are the way to go. Enough said here.
  4. Choline is a nutrient found in oranges that can actually help with sleep, muscle movement, and even learning and memory.
  5. Consuming oranges will aid in preventing heart disease, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Avoiding any one of these ailments is indeed reason enough to start eating oranges!


Fiber Focus Friday: Man Eating Mushrooms

man eating mushroomsHey guys!

First of all, I hope you enjoyed the picture of the man eating a mushroom!

Secondly, It is indeed time for another food to be featured on here at Fiber Guardian. The choice this week is a food I used to think of as gross and quite tasteless. Indeed, one time at dinner I ate them and decided that they tasted like nothing.

However, I currently eat this food weekly, and it has indeed become a staple in my diet. This food?


Mushrooms are delicious, and nutritious indeed. This powerful part of the fungi kingdom is neither a plant nor a vegetable. Its discolored hue might have you looking elsewhere for a nutritious meal, but don’t let that fool you!

In this case, don’t judge a book by its color. Mushrooms are packed full of nutrients and this fungus is just begging to be added to your diet.

Let us learn more about mushrooms! (more…)

Fiber Focus Friday: The Auspicious Avocado

are avocados healthyI know what you are thinking, “why is the avocado auspicious??”

Auspicious means-

“promising success; propitious; opportune; favorable”.

The avocado does indeed promise success. Eating one puts you on the right track towards success, and it is indeed a favorable food. Can I tell you with absolute certainty that this is an appropriate use of the word auspicious? Did I ask the grammar police if it was okay to write it like this?

NO and NO.

However, the avocado is indeed auspiciously amazing, and you need to be adding it to your daily eating regime!

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