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30 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

30 easy ways to lose weightAn estimated 45 million Americans will attempt to lose weight this year through dieting. Still others will engage in a brand new fitness scheme like P90X, Insanity, or CrossFit.

Some people will find success and many will not. In fact, those that diet are more likely to gain more weight from attempting to diet. This could be due to poor diet selection or a frustration over how difficult some diets can be to maintain.

Losing weight does not have to involve switching your diet radically, nor does it have to involve intense workout programs that will leave you flat on your back in pain. 


Losing weight can be a much easier process than all of this hardship. Your body will appreciate a much slower-paced approach, trust me! I am the Fiber Guardian after all!

However, it takes time. New York City was definitely not built overnight, and neither was your body. Don’t expect to try just one of these methods and see results immediately.  

Positively adapt your lifestyle slowly, over time, and you WILL see results. (more…)

How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

This blog post is particularly relevant to me right now because I am on vacation! More specifically, my wife, the first lady of fiber herself, and I are aboard a train heading west towards California.

We recently quit our jobs and are planning a move to GA to work in a retirement home. We decided to take a little time off in between and see the world a little bit. Neither of us ever been across the US before, and we decided it was time.

I have always loved trains, and since we had the time, we decided to hop aboard Amtrak for an awesome journey!

And what is a trip without a little blogging? We are currently in Nebraska and I am sitting at a table in the viewing cart watching beautiful scenery pass by. (more…)