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I love My New Fitbit

Fitbit One

Back several months ago I gave away a Fitbit Charge as a promotion. I had never worn a Fitbit before but I figured it went well with the theme of my site (losing weight by eating healthy and having fun).  The giveaway was a major success, but I did not proceed to get a Fitbit for myself.

That changed this Christmas when my Wife’s entire family decided to get a Fitbit and start challenging each other to see who would get the most steps. It killed me to know that there was a competition going on and I wasn’t able to enter it!

Being the competitive people that we are, my wife and I both got a Fitbit for ourselves. She decided to get the Fitbit Charge, and I ordered the Fitbit One. It turned out to be the right choice for both of us, and we are extremely happy with our new devices. (more…)