Month: May 2016

Stepping up Your Game #3: Start out with a Bang: High Fiber Breakfast Ideas

Good morning sunshine! It is another bright and cheery morning. This is true whether it is actually sunny or raining where you are. Your day is what you make it, and if you look upon the rain clouds with a smile on your face, the world is going to always appear bright and sunny. Anyways, if you are looking for awesome high fiber breakfast ideas to help you step up your game, welcome! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you want to eat healthy throughout the day, the best way to accomplish that goal...

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Stepping Up Your Game #2- Are you a Busy Bee or a Busy Beaver?

Hey there! Welcome to the second post in the Stepping Up Your Game series. Take a good long look at the picture above. Are you a busy bee or a busy beaver? Which one is more like you? I am a mix of both. Some days I am a busy bee and some days I am more like a beaver. Confused? Let me explain- I do not question that you are busy. Most of us when questioned would say that we are TOO busy and don’t have time for anything. This means that most of us are either a...

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