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Taking Action to Reach Your Ultimate Potential

taking actionClean hands don’t grow tomatoes.

I am not going to put quotes around that “quote” because I just thought of it, but it does illustrate the point that in order to accomplish anything of substance, you need to act upon what you learn.

That being said, action does include learning. To a certain extent, great action cannot be achieved without a knowledge base. The danger (and what this post is going to help you avoid!) is remaining in the realm of learning and succumbing to what is known as paralysis by analysis.

Even the worst writer is more successful at writing books than a brilliant man who never bothers to put words to a page.

The fact of the matter is, change doesn’t occur unless we put forth a consistent and practiced effort. Gardener’s don’t cultivate crops by reading about how to cultivate crops. Astronauts would be fired if they never intended to actually venture out into space, and your spouse might not remain your spouse if you keep telling them you will take out the trash but never actually take out the trash! (more…)