Month: November 2016

New Book Announcement: “Now What?” Plus First Chapter Free!

Hey guys! I just published my new book! Its called Now What? Getting Unstuck in a Sticky World: How Taking Action is the Key to Unlocking Your Ultimate Potential. You can get it right here on Amazon for only .99 cents. This one was rather fun for me to write and I am super happy to share it with you. It focuses on how to make major gains when it comes to any goal. It is a quick read that you can finish in one sitting. Taking action is the single most difficult aspect of success. My book shares how to overcome inaction and make progress towards a better future. Here is a sneak peak: Chapter One: Let’s Call it What it is   “A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.” -Liberty Hyde Bailey Clean hands don’t grow tomatoes. Writers get carpal-tunnel. Blisters are all too common for long distance runners. In order to accomplish anything of substance, you need to act upon what you learn. You have to work. That being said, action does include learning. To a certain extent, great action can’t be achieved without a knowledge base. The danger (and what this book is going to help you avoid) is remaining in the realm of learning...

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Why Desserts Are the Bane of My Weight Loss Efforts (and How to Stop Craving Sweets)

Lately my wife and I have been trying to lose a little extra weight and look even better by getting lean. We are going to Cancun in January for a friend’s wedding and we want to look good for each other. However, we need to learn how to stop craving sweets! Seriously, the need for sweets is killing our progress. This is our current motivation, and we are using it as a way to make better decisions. The rallying cry of “Cancun!” is often heard throughout our apartment when doing pull-ups, drinking a big glass of water, or trying...

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