Month: December 2016

Living Healthy Over the Holidays: 7 Tips to Avoid Death by Chocolate Cake

Hey guys! The holiday season is one of the best times of the year. with snow falling (for those northerners) and Christmas music seemingly blasting from every known source of sound, the spirit is with us all. This time can be a great time to spend with family, enjoy cool new gadgets, and be merry. But we all know how difficult the season can be as well, especially when we are trying to eat healthy. My wife and I are going to Mexico in January and we want to look good for each other. The biggest problem?¬† January comes after December, and the Christmas season is FULL of cookies, cakes, brownies, punch, huge meals, and delicious homemade bread! And of course, as well know, this does NOT last just one day or one night. We ALL have multiple times per day when we are tempted to reach for a sweet or overindulge during a pot luck. I don’t know about you, but I love big family meals around a big table. There is something pleasing and uplifting about enjoying good food with good company. But this just isn’t usually a good thing for healthy eating. Unless you have a family full of vegans and health nuts, those big family home cooked meals are not going to be that good for you. The solution? Here are 7 tips for avoiding...

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Everybody Farts: But Is Farting Good for You? The Fiber Guardian Says Yes!

Who better than the Fiber Guardian to answer some of the age old questions of excessive flatulence. It is no secret that fiber and farting go hand in hand so it is high time for a post on this subject. Is farting good for you? Is farting in fact healthy? Do you have a farting problem? I am going to shed some light on this dark subject so the next time you decide to rip one you can do so with a smile on your face, because YES, farting is in fact good for you. Except perhaps, for making...

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Top 10 Books to Read for 2017 and Beyond

Part of getting healthy, losing weight, and ultimately reaching your full potential involves reading. Reading activates the mind and it gets us thinking in a world other than our own. It increases our vocabulary, and reading books is far better for our brains than watching TV. I love watching TV as much as the next guy (I am a big Marvel nerd after all) but there is something to be said about getting caught up in a good book. Do the right thing for your brain and shut off the tube every once in awhile and grab a good...

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