Month: December 2017

A Healthy Diet for Athletic Adults

A guest post from my friend Joe over at For active adults, a healthy diet not only helps enhance and maintain your overall health but can also improve overall athletic performance. If you don’t maintain a healthy diet, you’ll get tired, perform poorly, and your health might also deteriorate gradually. Whether you’re in competitive sports or just enjoy a casual activity every now and then, keeping a few simple diet tips in mind can improve your health and help you achieve better results. A healthy diet for athletic adults isn’t greatly different from that for a normal, healthy person. It is an ideal mix of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fluids (especially water), iron, vitamins, and other minerals. An ideal diet depends on three key factors:  The type of physical activity or exercise you do. A runner’s diet will be different from that of a weightlifter. Likewise, someone who just does simple cardio, like running, vs. someone who does advanced workouts, like toning their muscles with resistance bands, may need different diet plans. The amount of training you do every week. Do you have a 3-day split or do you hit the gym five times a week? The amount of time each workout lasts. How much to eat and how long before the workout? The answer depends on your digestive system. You could eat a well-balanced, nutrition-packed meal one or...

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How a High-Fiber Diet Can Improve Heart Health

Guest post by Jennifer Dawson. Thanks for reaching out and writing up an awesome post! 🙂 In America, heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women alike, accounting for about one in every four deaths in the United States. Globally, heart disease is responsible for nearly a third of adult deaths. With the prevalence of cardiovascular health disease on the rise, it’s important that families take steps to reduce their chances of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other risk factors. While severe cases of heart disease and stroke may need to rely on medical intervention for improvement,...

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