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It only takes a few small changes to get started. One of those changes is to start adding more fiber into your diet.
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That’s right! The Fiber Guardian is here to save the day. Fiber is the quintessential substance that you need to be adding to your diet right now. Fiber can help you to:

  • Lose weight
  • Maintain bowel regularity
  • Speed up the elimination of toxic wastes in the colon
  • Has been shown to reduce high cholesterol levels and it can control blood sugar levels.
  • Fiber comes in many different foods and it is not difficult to slowly work it into your diet.

This site goes into all of this and more. Browse some of my most popular articles below to get started. Will you let me become your Fiber Guardian? I’d love to join you on your journey towards better health!

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What Is Fiber?

  • Fiber is the indigestible part of plant foods.
  • It can be found in a variety of different foods.
  • Fiber is an awesome part of any diet and it is key that you start eating it right away!

Why Should You Start Eating Fiber?

  • Fiber can aid in your weight loss goals by making you feel fuller. The foods that are high in fiber tend to be really good for you in other ways as well (high in vitamins, protein etc.)
  • Fiber can help to prevent diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels.
  • Fiber aids in digestion and can help to keep you regular. This is especially helpful in people that are dealing with constipation AND/OR diarrhea. Adding fiber to your diet can help with both by adding bulk to your stool and helping it to pass through your system more efficiently.
  • High Fiber foods are delicious so there is no reason NOT to start eating them!

How To Actually Start a High Fiber Diet?

  • I go over this more in my post on How to Start and Maintain A High Fiber Diet but it is really easy to start.
  • You need to first figure out How Much Fiber Do You Need Per Day? And then you will be able to find out what your daily goal should be.
  • Start with an apple a day. It is a simple thing and you have surely heard that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and this is surely true. Just about any fruit will do, but apples are ideal!
  • For a full list of foods see my page on  The Fiber Content of Foods or watch the quick video below for an intro!

[yt4wp-video video_id=”yKIvwhI0YxY”]

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